Laser Countermeasures CLOUD, CLOUDLET, FOG and RAINBOW are for protection against Anti Tank Guided Missiles.

CLOUD is a High-Power Laser based ‘Soft Kill’ compact lightweight Jamming module for ground platforms. CLOUD is field tested and proven.
The device protects various platforms (such as Armored and Light Vehicles, APCs, MBTs) and Infrastructures (Posts, Borders, Towers, and Camps) from various types of ATGMs.

CLOUD “Soft Kill” layer increases total effectiveness of APS and it can be used stand alone as a preferred protection layer. It defeats most of ATGMs, as a result it reduces deployment cost, minimizes collateral damage, and it increases readiness. CLOUD demonstrated Jamming effectiveness of 100% against real threats in live test. CLOUD was tested in close to combat environment in ISRAEL and USA test sites. CLOUD finished successfully all relevant tests according to mil. Standards, and it is ready for deployment.

CLOUD interfaces are flexible for integration on any Fighting Vehicle.
CLOUD can operate with / without external sensor and can be integrated with all types of MWS/RADARs

  • Main Features:
  • Highly effective from any effective launch distance
  • Low weight
  • Affordable cost
  • Proven in Live field tested (Israel + USA)
  • Tested successfully (100%)
  • Low Maintenance
  • Cost effective
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