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ARIEL Photonics Assembly Ltd.

ARIEL Photonics Assembly Ltd. was founded to develop unique laser solutions & technologies, leading innovation in the future battlefield.

ARIEL is engaged with most Israeli major defense integrators, and has developed a laser module to deflect anti-tank guided missiles, as well as laser countermeasure solutions, laser illuminators and threat simulators for both terrestrial and avionic applications.

A leader in defense solutions

ARIEL has developed laser solutions for systems that protect Israel from land, sea & aerial terrorist attacks. Amongst these is the CLOUD system that deflects anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs), protecting tanks, personnel carriers, jeeps, bridges, posts, important military installations and ships. This module was extensively tested in both Israel and USA, consistently demonstrating a 100% success rate.

In addition, ARIEL has developed & produced 10 unique laser solutions for various defense applications, including:

  • Laser countermeasures
  • Laser illuminators
  • Laser threat simulators
  • Laser solutions for terrestrial, marine & avionic applications
  • LADAR for autonomous vehicles

In 2011, ELBIT Systems Land & C4I invested in ARIEL, further strengthening the business relationship and creating a strategic partnership, thus becoming minority share-holders.

The roadmap of ARIEL includes additional anti-drone solutions, specifically Laser Kill Anti UAV protection systems, to defend against terrorist drone attacks.

Preliminary field experiments have successfully demonstrated protection from quadcopters. This solution is based on a high-power multi kilowatt fiber laser developed by ARIEL.

Currently a production order from Homeland Security is pending and is expected to be approved in the next 2-3 years.

ARIEL is seeking collaborations with civil and homeland security companies for development and manufacturing of cutting-edge laser-based solutions for defense.

Our Team

ARIEL’s team is composed of the top talent in the fields of electro-optics, mechanics, electronics & programming.

Having a small team allows ARIEL to be versatile, fast, and provide custom, tailored solutions for defense projects.

Our unique laser technologies are protected by 2 patents (granted) and several other pending patents.

ARIEL is ISO-9001 certified as well as a certified supplier to RAFAEL, ELBIT, ELTA, IMI & Israel MOD.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide laser technologies & solutions for defense applications, driving innovation & cutting edge defense projects.

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