The SPARK-1064-1000 is a high power fiber laser. The laser is scalable, and it could reach output power of 5kW by integrating of up to five 1kW laser modules together. This document describes a configuration that includes 1 laser module of 1kW.

The SPARK-1064-1000 is composed of four modules: one fiber laser module, an electronic module that contains all the control and driving electronics, a battery module and an optical module transmitting telescope. The fiber laser module and electronic module are mounted in a rack mount. The rack mount is rigid, and it is for outdoor use. It is open to allow air flow for heat removal. Battery module accomplished with a charger from single phase 220V AC 50Hz inlet.

The laser operates in CW mode at full power at periods of up to one minute. A cool down of up to 10 minutes is required after full time operation. The laser controller enables control of the output power.

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