ARIEL Photonics manufactures few different types of products.

Fiber lasers TORRENT are Yb doped fiber single mode lasers operating at 1064nm. There are few particular models on fiber laser in manufacturing, ranging from average output power of 20 Watts to 400 Watts, in accordance with the market demand.
Recently ARIEL Photonics started manufacturing of kilowatt level single mode fiber lasers for protection applications
ARIEL Photonics can manufacture Er:Yb doped fiber laser and Tm doped fiber laser upon special requests.

Fiber coupled lasers SPARK are fiber coupled semiconductor laser diode devices including fiber optic combiners and adaptors, control and power electronics, build in forced air cooling and armored output fiber optic cable with a terminal (a connector or a collimator). SPARKs operate at 780nm to 1550 nm at average output power of 50 watts to up to 500Watts.

Optical Waveform Generators OWG based on lasers, VIS, NIR, SWIR and MWIR. The generators include controlled lasers, video cameras and optical sights. They allow illumination of remote objects with very complex optical pulses. An example is illumination of remote electro optical detectors for testing in real outdoor conditions. OWGs include sophisticated capability for programming of output laser pulses shape, repetition rate and output power.

Laser simulators for testing and training systems for aviation safety, CITRON and Firefly Demonstrator. The simulators are capable to produce radiation at the VIS, NIR,SWIR and MWIR spectral range. The simulators include a tracking and pointing gimbal and a software for video processing, image recognition, gimbal control, predictive tracking and recording of the events.

Laser Kill Anti UAV protection system is developed for protection of strategic objects from spying, smuggling and suicidal micro UAVs. The system detects, verifies, tracks, immobilize and destroy UAVs. Examples on objects are power stations, airports, locations of national events, government buildings, state borders, stadiums and convention centers.

Laser Countermeasures CLOUD, CLOUDLET, FOG and RAINBOW are for protection against Anti Tank Guided Missiles.