About Us:

ARIEL Photonics Inc via its subsidiary ARIEL Photonics Assembly Ltd is an innovative designer and manufacturer of innovative laser based electro optical systems, modules and components for solid state and fiber laser systems in the rapidly growing worldwide markets. Our mission is to become a distinctive player in the photonics market to enable the next generation of fiber laser applications.

 ARIEL Photonics is well positioned to compete in serving the needs of customers for power, stability, control and innovative photonics solutions. As a pioneer in the development of critical solid state and fiber laser technologies and components, as well as the in design of special high power fiber optics products, ARIEL Photonics manufactures special modern photonics modules, devices and systems.

To supplement core fiber-optics based products and expand product portfolio to more complicated applications, ARIEL Photonics has developed and manufactures a family of Multi Mode & Single Mode High Power fiber laser components since 2005. Drastically reducing major back lasing problems and photonics power consumption, ARIEL Photonics products have the ability of providing solutions for lasers reliability, thermal management, efficiency and compactness.

ARIEL Photonics intends to leverage its latest products development efforts further to expand in multiple new markets and applications, providing great price/performance and design-impact benefits to our customers.

ARIEL Photonics solutions are based on proprietary technology, featuring innovative packaging, high vertical integration and industry leading reliability. The company’s serial products, and modules target sophisticated applications in systems that serve mission critical applications. Targeted at solid state and fiber laser solutions integrators worldwide,  ARIEL Photonics electro optical modules and lasers cover wavelengths ranging from visible to far infrared radiation. These products are available in a broad spectrum of configurations, in compact devices delivering superior reliability and quality.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to become a supplier of special innovative high tech electro optical laser based solutions for modern industrial, security and defense application.

Our Team:

ARIEL Photonics activities are based on a solid foundation of highly experienced and trained professional personnel. ARIEL Photonics team include management and marketing personal, physicists, mechanical engineers, electronic engineers, software engineers, materials engineers, technicians, assembly and quality assurance personnel and more.
Our team leaders have over tens of years of accumulated experience in their fields.