The Torrent-1064-20W-PM-CW is a high power polarized fiber laser operating at a wavelength of 1064nm.

The laser is capable to emit up to 20W of laser power through a polarization maintaining (PM) fiber output optical cable terminated with a FC/APC connector or with a high power output collimator.

The Torrent-1064-20W-PM-CW is a single mode (M2<1.1) laser. It has excellent polarization extinction ratio (>20 dB), low power fluctuation (<1 %) and narrow line width (<0.2 nm).

These attributes make it suitable for frequency conversion, second and third harmonics generation, as well as for material processing, welding and cutting, micromachining and printing.

The laser includes only one box with a fiber cable output and with electrical inputs (power and control). It contains all the optical components needed to produce the laser radiation and the necessary electronics for controlling it. The laser can be remotely controlled, programmed and tested over Ethernet.

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