We are developing a ladar that is capable to allocate its data collection and processing capabilities to the region of interest, and to provide situation awareness by allocating a fraction of capabilities (via time sharing) to collect and process data from around the vehicles.

This is insured by continuous adjusting of Field of regard (FOR),  Field of View (FOV) and Line of sight (LOS) of LADAR in accordance with current situation, and in accordance with current task.

The LADAR is a small robust unit (Volume of 1 Litter), having dimensions of a car head lamp or of a night vision camera.

Main Features

*Eyesafe SWIR Laser LADAR

*Long Range 200m ( 1km optional)

* High resolution, High scan density

* Ranging Rate 500 KHz (up to 2MHz optional)

* Manufactured for outdoor use

* Ultra Compact



*Autonomous vehicle  Navigation

* Traffic Safety

* Robotic
* 3D objects detection and recognition

* 3D Mapping

* 3D Infrared imaging

* 3D live video

* Helicopters  / UAV landing at zero visibility

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